Use HomeRoutines with Flylady

If you identify as a “FlyBaby” – a follower of The FlyLady‘s  housework system, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the Homeroutines iPhone app to add a little fun to your routines. It works really well as a virtual control journal!

Alternatively, if you’re a graduate/veteran of the Flylady, and have absorbed some of her ideas, but have then unsubscribed and adapted the system suit your own life, Homeroutines can work too.

(Please note – Homeroutines is not affliated with, or endorsed by, Flylady)

Basic Routine List

Your routines are right there at the top of the front page of HomeRoutines.  Routines are what the app is all about, after all!

You can add a new routine by tapping Edit at the top of the home screen.

When you complete a routine, the star next to it is filled in with gold, so you can see at a glance where you are up to.

If a routine is only partly complete, you’ll see it partly filled in, like this:

It will fill in more, as you complete the tasks inside it.

Inside a routine

You can add as many tasks as you like to a routine.  As you complete each task, you give yourself a gold star.

The timer

At the bottom of each routine is the timer.  You can touch 15 minutes to start that countdown – or touch the wee stopwatch icon to choose another time between 1 minute and an hour, just right if you need two minutes to hit a hot spot, five minutes to rescue a room, or ten minutes to zoom through a chunk of your weekly home blessing.  When the timer goes off you’ll see what everyone is talking about with the most triumphant chime ever 🙂

Weekly Plan Overview

The home screen of HomeRoutines features a spot for a daily reminder message:

Daily reminder for Friday: it's Errands Day!

You can set a different reminder for each day of the week – just right to keep you on track with your weekly plan.

Weekly Home Blessing

Create a routine for your weekly home blessing and zip through it with the built-in timer.  You can set it to only appear on Mondays, or have it appear every day and chip away at the tasks when it suits you.

Detailed daily lists

If your weekly plan has particular jobs for each day of the week, you can create routines that only appear that day. Easy peasy, just tap the schedule at the bottom of a routine to choose when it appears and resets.


Using Focus Zones

The built-in Focus Zones feature can stay in sync with the timing of FlyLady’s zone changes.  (You can also have up to seven zones, and run one-per-day of the week) You’ll need to tweak the arrangement of the rooms a little to fit the FlyLady plan, but it’s not hard – just drag and drop, and customize to suit your home.