The FlyLady is Marla Cilley. She gave herself the user name of  SHEFLylady back in the day when she joined the SideTracked Home Executives forums – the “Fly” bit is because she likes to go fly fishing.

The centre of her system is her email group. Sign up, and you’ll get ten or so emails a day from FlyLady and her friends (or choose the “lite” digest version, read online, or get to know your email filters) Most of the emails are selling her cleaning products these days, unfortunately.

The place  to start on her busy website is her Baby Steps page.

Where to find The Flylady ^

Here are some places you can find her and her fans (called “Flybabies”)

There are a some fan-run closed Facebook groups that have a lot of supportive members in them.  Because of reasons, they don’t have the name “Flylady” in their group names. In any case, they’re super-duper no matter what sort of system you are following.   (The plus side being a closed group is that if you post pictures of a current project your in-laws/friends/workmates won’t accidentally be shown it by Facebook)

Check out 

You might also like “Marilyn’s Way to Dance Til You Fly” which is an evolution/offshoot of Flylady principles, again with a closed Facebook group.



Using HomeRoutines With Flylady ^