HomeRoutines with HabitHacker

Habit Hacker is a fully-fledged, 90 day program to get organized, healthy and expand your creative horizons.  Jean, the author, recommends only taking on one of these three streams at once so you don’t get overwhelmed and go and hide under your desk and surrender to the chaos.  (I paraphrase.)

HabitHacker’s creator is a happy user of HomeRoutines too 🙂

Here’s how Habit Hacker introduces itself on its Start Here page:

Habithacker’s a free service to make household and workout routines easier so you have more time to be creative.

Habithacker believes the art of habit leads to the habit of art.

Habithacker thinks creativity thrives where clutter doesn’t.

Habithacker helps you develop routines in three categories:

  • Create offers daily encouragement for your inner artist (everybody’s got one, you know).
  • Nest puts domestic life on auto-pilot.
  • SOS, Sweat or Starve, helps you laugh your way to better health.

Here is a wonderful (long) post describing how and why Jessica from Balancing Everything uses HabitHacker with HomeRoutines

You can use HomeRoutines with any of these three streams, but here I’ll just have a quick look at the Nest stream – the housework one.

Habithacker has a totally wizard new email subscription thingy – if you sign up here, you’ll receive a Nest mission every day for the next 90 days.  How cool is that? Alternatively, go to this page and scroll down to Nest Day One. The page builds up every month (you can’t really skip ahead because the info comes and goes) so it’s sort of tidier to start on the first of the month.  I think the email version is the most awesome.

Follow the instructions as they come along to build up your routines.

  • Use the HomeRoutines timer (or the vanilla iPhone timer) to work in 11 minute chunks

    Go for 11 in 2011

    Choose different times on the timer by tapping the stopwatch icon

  • Create your Brain on Paper routines using the routines in-app.
  • Remember you can add as many routines as you like – just tap Edit on the home screen
  • Build them up slowly as they occur in the Habithacker reminders, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Edit the daily messages to record your focus of the day:

    Daily messages: I love Creative Sunday.

  • Make a special routine listing what’s most important for your 3H – Half-assed housekeeping hour.  Here’s mine:

    Weekly housework RAMPAGE

  • Make a laundry routine to mark off as you go through the week:
    • Monday blues
    • Tuesday Towels
    • Wednesday Whites
    • ThuRsday rugs, rags and the rest
    • Friday frillies (handwashing)
    • Saturday Sheets