Bi-Weekly Routines

Some routines only need to happen every other week, or have a schedule that changes on a bi-weekly pattern.

For instance, the recycling is collected every other week on my street.

Putting a Routine on a Bi-Weekly Schedule ^

  1. Tap on the routine schedule box at the bottom of your routine, where it says “Show every day
  2. Next, tap on  Routine Type.
  3. Tap Bi-Weekly to select the routine type, then tap Back.biweekly04
  4. You will now see two weekly schedules, named Week A and Week B.
    For each week, choose which days you wish your routine to appear, and on which days you want it to reset.
    It’s fine to leave a week with nothing scheduled in it at all!
    Tap the check boxes to set up your schedule, then tap Back.biweekly05
  5. Back on your routine screen, you may now want to use the other scheduling options to set a routine reminder, or choose to only have this routine occur during some months of the year.

Setting the current Week to Week A or Week B ^

If your week A and week B need to align with the calendar in the “real world” (not just thinking you should do a task about every second week!) you will need to tell HomeRoutines whether the current week is “Week A” or “Week B”

For instance, my recycling bin and paper recycling is collected every other week, and is collected this week.

This setting will affect all your bi-weekly routines.

  1. Return to the HomeRoutines home screen and scroll down to tap Help and Settings.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Next to Current Week, select A or B.
  4. Tap Back to return to the home screen, where the current week will now appear next to today’s date.

 More Scheduling Choices ^