Daily Reminders

The Daily reminders section is where you can put a short little note (1 or 2 lines) to remind you of your repeating weekly schedule.

It’s especially good if you’re feeling a bit Little House in the Big Woods and you want to organize your life like “Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday, Churn on Thursday, Bake on Friday, Clean on Saturday, Rest on Sunday”.

Actually, for me it’s more like “Supermarket on Monday, Playgroup on Tuesday, Library on Wednesday, Mum-in-law visits on Thursday, Panicky-clean-before-the-weekend-on-Friday, Family time on Saturday, I-wish-I-could-sleep-in on Sunday”

If you don’t run your life to such a structure, put something else for each day that makes you smile. I always recommend “Rock on.”  Some people have used it for dinner planning, exercise routines, or keeping track of homework. Be creative!

Setting up your Daily Reminders ^

  1. Touch the little round blue button to the right of the date and the daily reminder.
    You will see a list of all the days, with an icon and a text box for each day.
  2. Touch Edit  up the top of the screen to make it editable.
  3. Now touch the note for a day. The keyboard will appear.  You can now put in your own text for that day.
  4. When you’ve finished customizing the list, touch Done up top of the screen.
  5. Then touch Home to go back to the home screen.
  6. That’s it – each day the appropriate daily message will appear on your home screen.

(You can also create a routine that appears on scheduled days of the week, if you want to be checking things off- just use the scheduling settings at the bottom of each routine’s task list.)

Here are some Daily Messages set up to work with the glorious HabitHacker.com