Import lists quickly with copy and paste

It can take a long time to type out all your routines on your iPhone or ipod, so here’s a quicker way that lets you type on your computer instead and use our clever paste to get all those routines set up.  All you need is email.

    1. First, on your computer, create an email message, and address it to yourself.
    2. Type the tasks in one routine into the message, simply pressing Return in between each item.
    3. Send the message to yourself.

  1. Now on your iPhone, check your email for the message you sent, and open it up.
  2. Touch anywhere on your list of tasks for a moment, and the magnifier will pop up.
  3. Lift up your finger and the magnifier will disappear, showing the Selection arrow thingy.  Touch Select All.
  4. All the text in the list will be selected, and the Selection arrow thingy will show Copy. Touch Copy.
  5. The list is now copied onto your device’s clipboard.  Now close Mail and open HomeRoutines, and touch Edit at the top of the home screen.
  6. Touch Add Routine at the bottom of the list.
  7. Type in the name of your new routine, and touch Done
    Keep cool till after school
  8. Now open your new routine by tapping its name
  9. Touch Add task….
  10. …keeping touching until the magnifier pops up, then take your finger off the screen.
  11. The selection arrow thingy will pop up. Touch Paste.

  12. Voila! All the tasks from your email are now in the new routine.
    Click Done and start earning those gold stars!

Of course, you can paste a list into zones and todos as well, and you can copy from other apps as well 🙂