Rock that timer – 15 minutes of sucky tasks

I wrote yesterday about rocking your timer, but this morning I read Steady Mom’s post about Suffering for 15 minutes and it was groundbreaking to me.

A lot of advice seems to assume that once you decide to set your timer to do something that you’re going to spring up full of vigor and wipe the small-boy-pee from your toilet floor while singing Happy Happy Joy Joy and doing a vigorous, improvised toilet-cleaning boogie.

But Gretchen Rubin (of The Happiness Project) was honest enough to say that sometimes if you’re dreading a task you just have to bite the bullet and suffer to get ‘er done.

As Gretchen said in the comments of her post:

Somehow telling myself I was going to “suffer” helped put me in the right
frame of mind. It never ended up being as unpleasant as I expected.

What are you dreading working on? I’m inspired by her video talking about digital photos – it’s the time of year that I realise I haven’t edited last years photos, let alone this years.  I guess that will be my 15 minutes tonight!