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Fun Family Ideas – a great use for HomeRoutines’ Daily Reminders

Screenshot of HomeRoutines showing family fun ideas

We got a nice review on the App Store the other day from Jennspire, who wrote:

I downloaded this app this evening and I’m up WAY past my bedtime because I’m still playing. I recently left my job to become a sahm (to a 6 year old) and this app is a great way to help me get a grip my new priorities. I love the daily note – I used it to remind myself of the fun things that never seem to get done (“art fun day” “silly dance afternoon” “family walk night” and “mom’s pampering night”). I can’t wait to keep evolving this app – and myself – as I learn to “fly” for my family!

What a brilliant idea, Jennspire! The Daily Reminders on your home screen are an excellent place to put all sorts of reminders. Another reviewer mentioned using them to remind her of her daily fitness goals.

PS: I added “Make cookies” to the screenshot I made up there, because … mmm, cookies.

Do you use your Daily Reminders for something interesting? Leave us a comment!

HomeRoutines featured on the App Store as New and Noteworthy

New and Noteworthy
We are note worthy!  We are note worthy!

Great post on SimpleMom about the value of routines with kids

Tsh on SimpleMom has an excellent article today about the value of thinking about, and developing your own routines with kids

There’s nothing magical about any one particular routine — it’ll probably change in a month anyway, as routines often do with little ones in the house. But simply having some sort of written-out plan helps me know what’s next, how to stay focused, and not feel like I’m running in a hamster wheel.

I love this thought.  I can get stuck in a stupid perfectionist rut where I wrote out a routine a month ago that was okay then, for like five minutes, and then it didn’t work for me any more, but I still felt guilty for not following that particular routine.  I’m just happy to be “allowed” to edit my routine as I wish!

HomeRoutines is now available in the App Store

We’re thrilled to annouce that the HomeRoutines app is now available in the app store. It’s just the place to store your own housework routines or your Flylady routines, on your iPhone or iPod touch.