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General Questions: If you’ve got a question about using the app, please have first look at our extensive Help section and our Frequently Asked Questions; the answer might be there, and it’s quicker! (We don’t know when we’ll make an Android version of HomeRoutines, sorry; we know you really really want one!)

Feature Ideas: We appreciate all the super awesome ideas for added features to the app and website, but we can’t reply to them all, sorry. They go on our Wall of Great Ideas for further reference.

Bug Reports: It’s always super useful when you send bug reports! Please include the device and version details at the top of the Help and Settings screen, eg “HomeRoutines 3.02 on iOS 7.0.6″

My.HomeRoutines account & sync issues: If you can, please include your My.HomeRoutines username in your message (unless you’ve forgotten it!)



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