Why can’t I hear my timer alert/reminder alarm?

If you see the notifications and timer messages, but not hear them, it is probably due to your device’s notification/ringer volume settings.

First, check that your phone’s mute switch is not turned on.  HomeRoutines respects the mute, because having your reminders going off in the middle of school assembly adds unneccessary excitement to your day. (Ask me how I know)

Second, check your settings:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down to “Sounds” and touch it.
  3. Check the volume under “Ringers and Alerts”

Thirdly,  make sure HomeRoutines is allowed to play sounds on your device.  The Notification Center, in your device’s Settings app, tells apps what sorts of reminders you want them to be able to give you.

Instructions on how to do this differ depending on your version of iOS


Open the Settings app, then select “Notification Center”.

Scroll down ’til you find HomeRoutines – either under the “Include” list or the “Do not Include” list.
– Tap on it
– Check that the Alert Style is set to “Alerts”
– Check that the switch is turned on for “Sounds”

Earlier versions
Open the Settings app, then select “Notifications”.
Scroll down, and you’ll probably see HomeRoutines in the “Not in Notification Center” section.
Tap HomeRoutines
– turn on “Notification Center”,
– set the Alert Style to “Alerts”,
– turn on “Sounds”
– turn on “View in Lock Screen”.