Make an easy iPad storage stand with egg cartons!

Make a super easy tablet charging station with some egg cartons and a spare box

We have a few tablets because of being in the app development business, and for also playing Plants Vs Zombies etc, but this lead to the ongoing question of “Where can we put the iPads so they can charge all in one place without them forming a clattery Jenga stack and/or occupying Every Flat Surface”   (I never liked the idea of having a whole lot of hot chargers in an enclosed space, so this is an open basket next to a power point)

You will need:

  • two cardboard egg cartons (6, 10 or 12 egg size, depending on your needs and the size of the box you find)
  • a box that is about the width and length of your two egg cartons… I happened to have this basket that was the right size
  • scissors

Step one:  Trim off the lid and flap of your egg cartons.

Step one: trim flap and lid off egg carton.

Step two: Cut flat-bottomed slots out of your carton along one side, where the round part of the egg cup bit connects with the edge. The slots should go down to around the same level as the middle bumps between the egg cups.

Cut slots in the side of your egg carton.

Step three: Repeat the step one and two with another egg-carton. Put them side by side, to make sure the slots are kind of in the same place. At this stage you might want to measure how big a rectangle they make side by side, unless you plan to just take them around the house and trying to jam them into different boxes, which is what I did.

Line up your two cartons and the slots in them.

Step four: Find a cardboard box or some other box or rectangular basket that will fit the cartons snugly in the bottom. Remember you can trim the egg cartons on the ends or the outside edge a little bit, so if your box is just a little bit small that would probably be perfect. Don’t trim it so it’s narrower than the tablets you want to fit in there because that would be super annoying. If you have a cardboard box you can put stickers or wallpaper or something on it, IDK, make it fancy.


Step five: Stand your tablets up in the slots with their charging holes (?) pointing upwards. They’ll sit across between the “peaks” of the carton. (Tim tells me that it is actually called a dock connector)

Insert tablet A into slot B

Step 6: Put the basket somewhere good with a powerpoint or multipack nearby, and plug them in.
Viola Check it out!